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Turns out there was a third link study and Legault also refuses to publish it

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But a study by the National School of Public Administration (ÉNAP) in 2019-2020 looked at the impact of large projects like the third link on residential, commercial and industrial development as well as the protection of agricultural land. .

“You would be the first to tell me the study is not good,” Legault said Saturday at Parc national du Bic in Rimouski.

He said the study was not specifically about his government’s tunnel project.

“If I published a study that had nothing to do with this, you would be the first to say to me, ‘Why are you publishing something that has nothing to do with this?’ The study also does not take into account the pandemic, which has increased remote working.

The head of the CAQ said a study is underway and should be ready next year. But he said the third link is needed for eastern Quebec and pledged to build it no matter what the study says.

The CAQ candidate in Rimouski, Maïté Blanchette-Vézina, said a few days ago that this is more of a project for Quebec and that the voters in her riding are more concerned about the extension of Autoroute 20, a case stalled for years.

Reporters attempted to ask her on Saturday what she was thinking as she stood alongside Legault, but she would not answer questions on the subject.