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Usos forces Solo Sikoa to pay wrestling rights despite bloodline connection

Solo Sikoa may have an opportunity to jump to the top in WWE, but The Usos are trying to slow him down and keep him humble.

Despite his connection to The Bloodline and essentially being part of wrestling royalty, nothing is handed to Solo Sikoa who is offered a golden opportunity to perform on SmackDown alongside his two brothers (The Usos) and his cousin (Roman Reigns). WWE is giving Sikoa chances to make a difference as he recently won the North American Championship and could appear in both NXT and SmackDown in the future. Still, the Usos aren’t letting him go to the head.


Raw and SmackDown announcer Corey Graves is also the host of his own podcast for WWE called “After the Bell”. During the last episode, he mentioned that he had a chat with Jimmy and Jey Uso and they revealed that they made Sikoa pay for his wrestling rights in the best way possible. For those unfamiliar, wrestling dues are basically the hurdles, bumps, and tough times a wrestler has to go through to be successful. Typically, these are small shows with no fans, getting on a bus, or earning very little money. Since Sikoa basically skipped a lot of that because of his status, The Uso comes up with his own ways.

Graves said: “I’m waiting for my flight and having a conversation with the Usos about Solo and how they make him do this…”the right way, the hardest way”, even though he is the newest member of WWE’s most dominant faction.” He added, “He wasn’t traveling with the Usos. I saw him after Castle Clash, he was on the bus with me and the ‘uncool kids’. He pays his dues on a different level because the Bloodline take it very seriously.”

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Respect the opportunity offered

The Usos know (as does Sikoa presumably) that the recent arrival from SmackDown will ultimately be a huge star. At the same time, he must respect the process, pay his dues and move up the ranks. They take the wrestling world very seriously and don’t want to give the impression that Sikoa is unwilling to stay levelheaded and honest. They want their brother to win and savor his successes, without ruffling any feathers along the way.

In the end, they think it will make him hungrier.

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