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Verizon and T-Mobile customers: do not click this link

HOUSTON – Verizon and T-Mobile customers continue to receive multiple text messages since Tuesday showing a message that appears to be from their own numbers.

Did you receive one? Don’t click on it.

“This link is going to contain malware which is then downloaded to your device and then your device is compromised. And everything on your device, like passwords, bank account information. You must be very, very careful whenever you click on links,” Laura Blankenship of the Better Business Bureau told WDIV.

WDIV noted that Verizon said it has received thousands of complaints from customers receiving spam text messages that appear to be from their own phone number.

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It’s a spoofing scam that sends clickers to the website of Channel One – a Russian state television network, WDIV reported. The Biden administration has warned companies against cyberattacks following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Verizon is aware of bad actors sending spam to certain customers, which appears to come from the customer’s own number. Our team is actively working to block these messages, and we have engaged with US law enforcement to identify and stop the source of this fraudulent activity,” Verizon said in a statement shared by WDIV.

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