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Victims of Virginia shopping cart killer have been identified, Washington police link case

Virginia Police have released the names of two women they suspect were killed by the alleged “shopping cart killer” and said they may have found a fifth victim in Washington, DC

Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis told reporters at a press conference Friday that DNA evidence was used to identify Cheyenne Brown, 29, of Washington, DC, and Stephanie Harrison, 48 years old, from Redding, Calif., as the victims were found Dec. 15 near the Moon Inn Hotel in Alexandria, Virginia.

The last person Brown was seen alive was Anthony Eugene Robinson, Davis said.

Robinson, 35, of Washington, DC, is being held in Rockingham-Harrisonburg Regional Jail in Harrisonburg, Va., On two counts of murder and two counts of human remains disposal.

It was arrested in November 2021 and charged with the murder of Allene Elizabeth Redmon, 54, and Tonita Lorice Smith, 39.

Investigators believe the killer transported their bodies, found by police in Harrisonburg, Virginia, in a basket, said Davis.

“We believe he also transported at least one of our victims from Fairfax County in a cart,” he said.

Robinson is the “primary and singular suspect” in the deaths of the third and fourth victims, Brown and Harrison, and criminal charges are awaited against him in those cases, Davis said.

A fifth potential victim was found dead this week in a shopping cart in Washington, DC after police received a tip, Fairfax County Police Major Ed O’Carroll said. Police did not release the name of the woman, who was found covered only with a blanket.

Robinson’s potential involvement “is based on digital evidence that places him in the same neighborhood at the time of the victim’s disappearance,” O’Carroll said.

The Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department is investigating this matter.

Police link Robinson to victims via dating apps

Police said Robinson used the Plenty of Fish dating app to lure victims. Cheyenne Brown had logged in with him on this app, Davis said. Robinson also used the Tagged dating app, he said.

Investigators believe Robinson targeted his victims on dating sites and met them at motels in Virginia, Davis told reporters last month.

“Our shopping cart killer does unspeakable things with his victims,” Davis said at the time.

The FBI behavioral unit works with the Fairfax County Police. Robinson had a New York to Virginia address and 35 different law enforcement agencies from New York to Harrisonburg, Va. (About 130 miles south of Washington) reviewed the missing person reports as part of the ‘investigation.

“We need any survivor… who may have interacted with (Robinson) and escaped to contact us,” Davis said. “And we think there are survivors there.”

Those with information can contact the Fairfax County Police Department’s Major Crimes Office directly at 703-246-7800. Tips can also be submitted anonymously at 1-866-411-TIPS. The police offer cash rewards for information that incurs additional charges.

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