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West Lindsey council seeks to acquire RAF Scampton

The Board’s Corporate Policy and Resources Committee has agreed to register the Board’s interest in acquiring RAF Scampton.

The advisers made the decision because the MoD’s divestiture strategy allows all public sector bodies to express interest in acquiring the site, before the assets are listed on the open market.

Cllr Anne Welburn, Chair of the Corporate Policy and Resources Committee, said: “We see that the successful redevelopment of the RAF Scampton site could make a significant contribution to ‘leveling up’ economic and social outcomes in West Lindsey. , Lincolnshire and beyond.

“The importance of this site both in terms of heritage and social history cannot be overstated. We hope that by registering our interest in the site we can play a leading role in ensuring a successful outcome and we look forward to working with the Defense Infrastructure Organization and the Ministry of Defense as we move forward. .

“As a District Council, we seek to provide a guarantee for the future of RAF Scampton. This expression of interest will allow us to do just that. This does not commit the Council to anything other than helping us “explore all options” available.

The closure of RAF Scampton was announced by the Ministry of Defense (MOD) in 2018 as part of cost cutting measures. Since that time, officers have worked closely with the community, MOD, RAF and potential investors to understand opportunities for the future of the site.

As previously stated under the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan, RAF Scampton has been identified as an ‘Opportunity Area’. As such, a new policy S74 has been added to the draft local plan which requires the preparation of a master plan in conjunction with and for approval by the district council before a planning application is submitted.