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Whales continues to buy MATIC and LINK, while holding a large amount of SHIB

Youri Molchan

As the market drifts into the red, big investors continue to acquire MATIC and LINK, while already owning a substantial amount of Shiba Inu


  • SHIB and ETH whales catch more MATIC and LINK
  • Whales own over $1.2 billion in SHIBs

Analysis provided by crypto data tracker WhaleStats shows that two top ETH holders have seized over $5.2 million from LINK and MATIC as the crypto market continues to decline.

Meanwhile, the biggest ETH whales already hold nearly $200 million in Polygon’s MATIC and LINK, as well as $1.2 billion in SHIB tokens.

SHIB and ETH whales catch more MATIC and LINK

According to WhaleStats, in the past 20 or so hours, two Ethereum whales from the top 1,000 list have expanded their holdings in MATIC and LINK.

A whale ranked 374th bought 300,000 Chailinks worth $4,061,999. He now holds a total of $4,826,508 of this token, which represents 5.24% of his portfolio. Most of his holdings are concentrated in Windows and Twitter tokens: 46.8% and 28.85% of his total crypto wealth.

Another big Ethereum investor bought 832,990 MATIC. This constitutes $1,249,485 in fiat. This cryptocurrency investor already owns $9,850,613 of Polygon, or 5.63% of the total portfolio.

He also holds $32,324,336 worth of Ethereum.

Whales own over $1.2 billion in SHIBs

Although they favor the second most popular crypto, Ethereum, the top 1,000 ETH whales have also bet a large portion of their funds on the same SHIB cryptocurrency, the potential of which is not considered high by some members. of the crypto investing community.

The WhaleStats website shows that ETH whales currently hold $1,277,297,247 – 14.98% of their wallets. The total amount of MATIC they own is $180,041,196 (2.11%) and $167,300,758 of Chainlink (1.96%). LINK is also the token used in the majority of trading operations at the moment, while SHIB comes third after Ethereum and FTX Token in US dollar value.

Picture via WhalesStats

Meanwhile, the majority of the top 100 cryptocurrencies are in the red, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.