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Winter climbing bond as a form of grief recovery

You can treat a lot of things suffering from outdoor sports goals. Arc’teryx’s new documentary explores the limits of this approach.

When alpine guide Sarah Hueniken stepped out with a group of close friends for what ‘sounded like a perfect day of ice climbing’, she could never have imagined what happened next would test his connection to the sport.

She lost a close friend in an avalanche that day, and the aftershock rippled through the bedrock of Hueniken and the life of his cohort.

“We all live in these mountains because that’s where life comes from. And when it takes our lives, how do you continue to live there? she asks.

At spoiler risk, the answer seems to be that you just did. Watch this story of grief and recovery unfold in “Not Alone” – through friendship, swinging and kicking.

Duration: 44 minutes

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Sam Anderson
By Sam Anderson

Sam has traveled the continental United States to track adventures, explore natural wonders and find great stories. After going to college to become a writer, he was distracted (or saved) by rock climbing and spent most of the next decade on the road, supporting himself with commercial work. He’s had addresses in the Adirondacks, Las Vegas and, in a way, Kansas, but his heart is in the highlands of Texas.

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