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Zelda Fans Call Indie Game On Link’s Awakening Influence

Nintendo’s Zelda games have had a massive influence on the gaming industry, and there are countless titles that have taken inspiration from the series. However, some games take more inspiration than others. In a new episode of IGN’s Rogue Jam, developer Soheyl Ghiami revealed his new game Mysplaced. While Ghiami says the game is actually a take on the Metroidvania genre, the art design of Mysplaced borrows heavily from the Nintendo Switch remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. After IGN shared a clip of the game on Twitter, many Zelda fans expressed their shock and frustration at the similarities!

Inevitably, the game wasn’t chosen as the winner, as the judges felt it came too close to the Zelda formula, without doing enough to stand out; clearly, it wasn’t just Zelda fans who noticed. While indie games like Tunic took inspiration from the Zelda series, this game also managed to stand out on its own merits. Hopefully the developer of Mysplaced can take that criticism to heart and do something Zelda-inspired, but also enjoyable in its own right.

Keep reading to see what Zelda fans are saying Mysplaced!

Some have wondered if he was using Nintendo assets.

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There is something like “too much” inspiration.