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‘Zelda’ Link Is Actually A Monster, Here’s Proof

Most players can agree on at least two things: Link is one of the greatest heroes of all time and Navi, his fairy friend (assistant?), is just plain boring. But do really everything is there ? The developers themselves apparently disagree, so we should probably check that one out. For the longest time in The Legend of Zelda series, Link was aided not only by Navi, but also by other fairies he keeps in various bottles. Sounds weird, but maybe Link is keeping them there because they’ve agreed to join him but are afraid of getting crushed between his strong buttocks. It’s a really clever arrangement, but, believe it or not, probably also a total lie. Before the release of Wind Wakerall the fairies Zelda the series looked like this:


In Windwaker, however, a game that ironically had the most kid-friendly look of the entire series, fairies in a bottle looked like this:

windwaker booted fairy


Even Bowser always left Peach an entire castle to live in.

What is that? Were they simply caught by Link, a demon disguised as a video game hero, or were they tricked into entering the bottle by Navi, a fairy who specializes in hunting her kind? And are these two alone in this dark operation, or is there someone else involved – someone no one would suspect?

Link apparently happy to be able to eat a fairy


Also, does Link drink their blood or eat them directly?

Savvy readers might point out that to get our energy back, we can consume grandma’s soup instead, but we only get that. after give grandma a fairy in a bottle, so yeah, grandma is probably turning those poor creatures into soup. It’s anything but a theory, of course, but it’s not the first time we’ve gotten credible proof that one of Nintendo’s greatest heroes could be the villain.

Top Image: Nintendo

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