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Zelda Love Link in “Breath of the Wild”?

Link and Princess Zelda have a much more complex relationship through The Legend of Zelda series that ‘the hero gets the princess.’ Almost every game features a new incarnation of the pair. Sometimes Link and Zelda explicitly share love, as in skyward swordbut it seems harder to crack Breath of nature. Some captured memories even made fans wonder. ask, ‘why does Zelda hate Link.’ Obviously, Link and Zelda have a complicated love story in BOTW.

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Link and Zelda evolve from reluctant allies to lovers

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild the map has locations across Hyrule for players to unlock Link’s forgotten memories. As these can be found in any order, fans see the love developing between Link and Zelda at different stages.

Sometimes it even seems that Zelda directly hates Link, like in Capture Memory “Zelda’s Resentment”.

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King Rhoam appointed Zelda Link as his designated knight to accompany her wherever she went. However, the princess felt patronized by this and blasted Link. She even abandoned him several times.

One of these periods seems to occur in the Gerudo Desert. However, the Yiga clan ambushed him in the BOTW memory “Blades of the Yiga”. This marks a significant shift in how Zelda feels about Link, possibly even hinting at love.

Zelda Probably Starts Falling In Love With Link During Memory Captured “Blades of the Yiga”

Princess Zelda flees from an ambush in the memory of the “Blades of the Yiga”. However, they isolated her in the Gerudo Desert. Before the enemies can strike, Link catches up to Zelda and takes them out with the Master Sword.

Zelda has a moment where she sees Link in a new light. Her tone towards him softened.

In Zelda’s journal, found in her office on the west side of Hyrule Castle, she feared that Link was despising her. However, she wrote about the memory of the “Blades of the Yiga”. This hinted at a developing love between Zelda and Link.

“He saved me. Without thinking of his own life, he protected me from the ruthless blades of the Yiga Clan. Even though I’ve been cold to him all this time,” Zelda wrote. I apologize for everything that happened between us. And then… I’ll try to talk to him.

And it works, she writes. Although we don’t know how far the two have gone or if Zelda and Link are kissing breath of the wild, they have several hearts to hearts. And while players always ask if Link is talking, Zelda has heard him speak.

“When I finally took the time to ask him why he’s so quiet all the time, I could tell it was hard for him to say… With so much at stake and so many eyes on him, he feels that it is necessary to stay strong and be silent in silence to bear any burden.A feeling that I know only too well… For him, it caused him to stop expressing his thoughts and feelings outwardly.

However, there is another powerful piece of evidence that Zelda loves Link in BOTW.

Campion Mipha Reveals Why The Princess’ Powers Awaken While Fighting Ganon’s Guardians

In the captured memory “Return of Calamity Ganon”, Link and Zelda return from the Source of Wisdom on Mount Lanayru. The Goron Daruk asks if the princess’ true power has awakened, but she says nothing has worked.

However, Princess Zora Mipha begins to offer one final piece of advice. When she uses her healing power, she hints that it helps her think about someone she loves. NintendoBlackCrisis has a great breakdown on YouTube.

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While Link was tired of defending Zelda 100 years before the start of BOTW, Zelda rushed to protect him, with the awakening of Goddess power, presumably from the love she felt for him.

“And maybe I too can show him my soul and share the demons that have tormented me for all these years,” Zelda wrote in her diary.

While their romance may have been cut short in breath of nature, fans hope to see more love between Zelda and Link in END 2.

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